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Bleach Fried The Eff Outta My Hair! Here’s How I Saved It

When you’ve bleached your hair multiple times, there are annoying consequences to deal with. Have you tried combing your hair, only to find that huge tangles start right after your healthy black roots? Are you experiencing knots at the back of your hair, along with L-shaped splits? Is it harder to style or shape your […]

Beauty Hair

Bleached Hair, Don’t Care: Ash Blonde Balayage at Urban Azta Salon

New hair, new life, right? Every time I enter a new life stage (new job, love life, or age milestone), I get this strong urge to change my hair. It helps me to embrace the changes and feel like a totally different personality. Or I just get easily bored with the current color or style. […]

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My Journey To Flawless Underarms: Wink Laser Studio, Skin Station Axilight Laser Review

Alright, this is not easy for me to admit but here goes. I’ve always suffered a bumpy road when it came to my underarms. It really is the pits—pun intended. Blame it on being morena where we have a tendency to accumulate melanin and darker areas compared to our mestiza counterparts. Blame it on my years […]

Beauty Makeup

Review: Colourette Colortint in Ondrei and Emma

Yup, liptints are still trending! Although K-beauty products are popular, local makeup brands are jumping on the bandwagon too. One of them is Colourette, a local cruelty-free makeup brand. If you’re wondering whether you should get in on the brand love (a lot of bloggers seem to agree), say no more. I’m giving you my […]

Beauty Skincare

[Lockdown Edition] My Updated Skincare Routine: Stress and Maskne-proof!

Hi everyone! My friends tend to ask me what I do to keep my skin clear. At 28 years old, I still haven’t started on Retinol, but I am using gentle acids as an exfoliant (Vit C serum and AHA BHA toner). Here’s a quick rundown of my skincare routine. AM: Luxe Organix Aloe Vera […]

Beauty Makeup

Another Happy Skin Haul: Lip Mallow, Glossy Tint, Morning Dew Foundation and Liptint

I realize that I’ve been hoarding Happy Skin products for some time now, like my recent Lip Mallow and Anti E-aging foundation purchase. I only have the 9.9 sale to blame. I tell myself: Donna, stop buying Happy Skin products damnit, you’re not their influencer or anything, and you still didn’t finish your previous stash. […]

Fashion Lifestyle

Review: Canna Roze I-DOL Lens – Beige Brown and Nude Brown

Hey guys! It’s been months. As mentioned in my Sunnies review, I can’t function without corrective lenses. But sometimes, glasses get in the way. The constant smudges. Getting out of the car then the glasses fog up. Exercising with sweaty frames. I hate the hassle. That’s where contact lenses come in! I pretty much alternate […]

Beauty Makeup

Happy Skin Lip Mallow Review: Naked, Iced Coffee, Pumpkin Spice

It’s been a minute, dear readers! I haven’t blogged since the lockdown happened. (Yikes!) But you can bet that my lipstick hoarding habits have a long way to go before wearing off—pun intended. That being said, I’ve been happy with Happy Skin for quite some time now (check out my Happy Skin E Anti-aging foundation […]

Donut Diary Personal

How Yoga Helped Me Heal My Depression, Anxiety, and Lower Back Pain

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it all before as advice from friends. Just exercise, eat right, drink water, catch the sun, and sleep well, then watch your depression melt away. As if it’s just that easy to sweat out the suicidal feelings because all you need is a little water and sunshine. Like a plant. But […]

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